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Provided by BMB, the PA speaker perfect for vocals

Woofer uses highly reliable paper cone made by MOGAMI (CSP-6000) or Made in Japan (CSP-5000/3000) to get high quality sound.

Rotatable BMB logo plate and woofer/tweeter make it possible to set up the speakers anywhere.

The speaker horn offers both fine acoustic simulation and wide sound dispersion.
The horn disperses the sound from the compression driver without vibration noise caused by the horn material. Also it eliminates the horn vibration completely to offer high quality sound.

No circuit us used for the woofer unit of the crossover network so the sound from the woofer is not restrained and the voice input from the microphone is more natural and powerful for easy and smooth singing. (CSP-5000/3000)

The tweeter compression driver uses a titanium diaphragm for the CSP-6000 and a polymer resin diaphragm for the CSP-5000/3000. Both materials are super-light with higher internal loss so they enable the speaker to output ultra-high notes smoothly and silkily without any distortion. (Picture is CSP-6000)

A “MOGAMI” paper cone which is used by the top audio-device manufacturers in the world and favoured by professionals is used for the cone paper of the Woofer. The pulp material has a new compound that offers optimum sound characteristics and quality.(CSP-6000)

An aluminium die casting is used for the rear cover of the compression driver.
The high-sound pressure component was reinforced so the unnecessary vibration and damping force were controlled to improve tweeter clearance and data processing.

A large magnet (diameter φ220, 3.5kg) is used.
The strong magnetic circuit produces a powerful bass sound.(CSP-6000)