It was born just because Japan quality, The ultimate premium sound.
BMB's clear dynamic sound is The world of music can not be tasted elsewhere.
We will deliver it to everyone.

Professional Category

Designed for large space that required high power sound, such as large Karaoke room or event hall.

Commercial Category

BMB is leading commercial Karaoke scene as a standard.
The karaoke facility that sticks to the sound quality, would have BMB brand speakers.

Home Category

High brand BMB Karaoke experience comes to your place.
Everyone could setup easier.

Specialised for Karaoke use Specialised for Karaoke use

Specialised for
Karaoke use

BMB Speaker is specialised for Karaoke use.
There are some of different points from listening speakers.
Our standard Karaoke sound is supported by the over 40 years experience.

  • Frequency characteristic

    1. Enhance low bass frequency that you feel with your body. It does not discomfort your ears and supports your karaoke sing comfort continuously.

    2. Mid range frequency tends to cause howling.
    Our speakers are characterized by the midrange frequency, not only is howling hard to occur, but vocals and music are naturally mixed.

  • Wide sweet spot

    Sometimes you enjoy karaoke in groups, sweet spots should not be in one place. BMB speakers are designed to consider the spread of sound so that you can enjoy a nice sound anywhere in the room.

Reason why BMB speakers are reliable Reason why BMB speakers are reliable

Reason why
BMB speakers
are reliable

BMB speakers are not just "good sound".
A powerful and safe design that can withstand hard commercial usage for a long time at high volume.
The reason why BMB speakers are popular is that they also have such robustness.

  • The voice coil was designed exclusively for karaoke.

    Our voice coils have been devised various ways, such as wire material, thickness, wire winding method.

    There are things painted black to radiate heat. By making sure that the heat of the coil does not become too high, it is possible to produce stable sound and improve durability.

  • Structure that can withstand hard business uses

    In some models, a two-layer cabinet is used to increase durability. It can prevent resonance and produce powerful bass.

  • Large-sized powerful magnets that support stable sound

    Adding a cancel magnet has the effect of increasing the number of magnetic fluxes, and the speed of vibration increases. Sounds of lower frequencies improve. In addition, since the whole unit becomes heavy, there is also an effect of suppressing unnecessary resonance. It produces a powerful and stable sound.

  • Special box assembly design which prevent it from fall down

    We design and manufacture in consideration of product quality and safety.
    We devise a combination of boards.


    Even if the glue of the speaker box weakens after using the BMB speaker for years, the speaker will not fall.

Japan, it is hometown of BMB. Japan, it is hometown of BMB.

it is
hometown of

We're continueing to make our
paper cone in Japan to ensure the BMB sound.
Why we should use Japanese paper cone?

"Soft water" helps to make high quality paper Paper cone must be supple and good hardness to make good sound.

Japan water is "Soft water"(*). It helps well.
This is one of the BMB corn paper key word. "Soft water(軟水)" has low calcium and magnesium contained amount (hardness).

  • Clean water for the Best Sound

    The quality of water used during the manufacturing process plays a major role in making high quality paper cones.

    Pure water springing forth from the beautiful natural environment in Japan is the foundation of the BMB sound.

  • Fine-tuned by Specialists

    The quality of pulp used for manufacturing the speakers varies on a dairy basis, so our experienced specialists fine-tune the pulp quality to make sure the BMB speakers can offer the best quality sound.

  • Quality Assurance Test for All Components

    We conduct a quality assurance test on every component of the BMB speakers to ensure excellent sound quality.